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Boost your immune system

Have a hay bath

Do you know what a hay bath is and what it’s good for? No? Then find out here and do something for your daily health.

Wellness resorts in Italy are well known for their traditional hay baths, but who knows what it really is unless they have been to a Belvita Leading Wellness Hotel Südtirol. The benefits of hay were first discovered on alpine farms and used as a natural method of detoxification in 1888. Today, many hotels offer this treatment to their guests. Basically, fermenting hay which contains herbs such as arnica, lady’s mantle, heather, and thyme is moistened with hot water to release its proteins and essential oils. The hay is then used to cover your naked body and finally wrapped in cloth or foil to retain heat and enable the body to absorb the essential oils. It induces perspiration and thus, the removal of toxins. Once the hay is removed, after a 20-minute treatment, you are wrapped in linen to relax. Benefits include reducing joint pain and rheumatism, freeing your air passages, improving your metabolism, and boosting your immune system. 

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