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Let’s live more sustainably!

Easy tips for 2022

Our world is absolutely stunning – and we want to keep it that way. So, let’s all try to be more sustainable in the new year.

Living a plastic-free life is almost impossible. After all, nobody wants to make their everyday life harder as there are enough other things keeping us busy from morning till night. Still, everyone can do their part in ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. How?

  • Egg cartons: Re-use them as seed-starting trays in spring, or just hand them in at the nearest chicken farm. They can definitely use them.
  • Leftover candles: Remove leftover wax from all your old candles, melt it into a new glass jar, add fragrances and a new wick, and voilà, here’s your new candle.
  • Bulk packs: Buying in bulk means less waste and fewer trips to the store. Stock up on pasta, rice, toilet paper, sauces, pulses …
  • Clothes: Just because they’re worn, torn, or outdated, doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your clothes. Browse the internet for DIY ideas and breathe new life into old staples.
  • Water: In many parts of Europe, such as in your spa hotel in Italy, we are lucky enough to have fresh water coming straight from the tap. No need for plastic bottles full of mineral water.
  • Baking wax: Grandma may still remember it: beeswax as a substitute for baking paper. A great bonus: It gives your cake a subtle honey aroma.

We can all think of many more ways to make our everyday lives more sustainable. Let’s get creative!

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