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Breath in deeply - feel your body

Breath out and let your cares fade away.

Relaxation can be so simple  our tips for a soothing meditation bring you more peace into your daily life.

What does wellness in South Tyrol mean? Time to regain new energy through meditation. Deeply relaxed yogis sit motionless for hours, letting nothing pervade their peace when in a state of consciousness that seems to be difficult for many. However, with regular practice anyone can learn to do it. The following tips can help you find your own daily meditation routine step by step:

  • Create a quiet atmosphere in a pleasant, warm room.
  • No distraction (no mobile phone, doors and windows closed)
  • Take up a comfortable sitting or lying position.
  • Start slowly: 10 minutes every day are enough.
  • Take a deep breath and concentrate on the flow of your breath as you inhale and exhale.
  • Let thoughts enter your mind as they come and watch them passively drift away.
  • Take time to consciously perceive any sensory impressions in the body and simply relax.
  • Only return to every day life when you are ready  you too can achieve deep relaxation.
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