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Healing hand movements

Lymphatic drainage: gentle detoxification

Swelling in the arms and legs is often due to blocked lymphatic drainage. Manual lymphatic drainage provides relief.

The human body is a masterpiece. If its sensitive balance gets out of kilter at any point, unpleasant and painful complaints can be the result. This is also the case with the lymphatic system. The bloodstream supplies the human tissue with fluid and nutrients. While the majority of it is transported away again, a small portion stays in the tissue and accumulates as lymphatic fluid. If the lymphatic drainage is blocked for any reason and the fluid cannot drain properly through the lymphatic channels, it accumulates in the tissue and causes unpleasant swelling. Gentle, circular strokes and hand movements are used to stimulate the lymphatic drainage and promote the removal of the accumulated lymph fluid. As a therapeutic procedure, lymphatic drainage thus contributes to faster and better detoxification of the body. In every wellness hotel in the Dolomites of Belvita, lymphatic drainage is performed by experts of their field.

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