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Fragrant herb pillows

Well-being for body and soul

Essential oils reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and have many other positive benefits. Have you ever used them in herb pillows?

We love herbs because they are real all-rounders. They are used in the kitchen, in the sauna, for beauty treatments in our spa hotels in Italy … and they are real pros when it comes to creating a pleasant atmosphere and cosy ambience. The healing properties of herbs and essential oils have been known for generations, and not only by incense experts. Dried herbs unfold their full potential in scented pillows. A pillow filled with lavender, valerian, and St. John's wort can help improve you sleep. Hawthorn flowers relieve stress, and elderflower relieves pain. Yarrow has a calming, antispasmodic effect, while woodruff strengthens the nervous system.

If you make herbal pillows yourself, make sure your herbs are completely dried to avoid mold. The pillows can be used for up to two years. If you “knead” them every now and then, the herbs break and give off their intense fragrance. Absolutely heavenly!

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