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What’s good stress?

Eustress and distress

Did you know that there are different types of stress? Today we’re going to talk about the more hidden types of stress and their benefits! 

Imagine facing a challenge. Imagine being able to handle it with enthusiasm and purposefulness. If there’s anyone you should thank, it’s stress. Yes, you’ve heard right. Stress is just a physiological mechanism that has led to the evolution of the human species, and alerts us whenever a dangerous situation arises, and gives us the necessary energy to deal with it. But what happens in our body when we are stressed? The brain starts to release adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormone, blood sugar levels rise, and we feel more vital than ever. This kind of “good” stress is called eustress and is a great source of health and happiness. Once the threatening situation is over, body and mind relax and balance is restored. But what if the stressful situation goes on for far too long? This is precisely when distress comes into play. It’s the “bad” stress, which can damage our body, generate discomfort, embarrassment, and insecurity. The best way to control stress, whether positive or negative, is to eat a balanced diet, sleep well, and be active. That’s the kind of lifestyle that we lead at our Belvita wellness hotel in the Dolomites

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