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Boost your immune system with Golden Milk

Stay healthy during the cold season

It has antioxidative properties, reduces inflammation, and tastes divine. Golden Milk is the perfect winter drink.

In Ayurveda, Golden Milk has been considered a cleansing, healing drink for hundreds of years. Made with milk, turmeric, ginger, and other spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, this aromatic hot drink is packed with active ingredients that boost your immune system. Golden Milk reduces inflammation, protecting joints from degenerative illnesses such as arthritis. Not only that, it also boosts the immune system and can help prevent premature ageing thanks to its antioxidant effects. It is also believed to promote digestion and liver functions, as well as significantly improving sleep quality. Its mentally stimulating properties are even reported to ward off Alzheimer’s. You can easily make this versatile drink yourself at home and enjoy a range of health benefits by making it a regular part of your routine. We look forward to surprising you with more healthy, regional, and delicious recipes on your next holiday at a wellness hotel in the Dolomites.

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