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Get your life energy flowing with Thai massage.

Combination of different methods for holistic well-being

Different names, exotic beginnings, and a mix of various techniques and methods of traditional medicine: Thai massage in a nutshell. This massage form originated in Thailand in the 5th century BC and was founded by the Indian doctor Shivago Kumar Baj, a friend of Buddha, who is considered the father of Thai medicine. Thai massage is appreciated for its vitalising and balancing effect on body, mind, and soul.

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage – also known as Thai yoga massage, passive yoga, or siam massage – is the combination of various techniques from yoga, ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine with influences from Buddhism. Similar to traditional Ayurvedic massages, Thai massage is used to stimulate the flow of energy in the body and thus strengthen psychophysical well-being. By stretching, twisting, pressing, kneading, and lifting various parts of the body and passively performing techniques from yoga, Thai massage works on the energy centres and the energy lines of the body and frees them from any blockages. Thai massage doesn’t use any oils and is usually performed on a special mat on the floor. Traditionally, the massage therapist begins the massage by kneeling down next to the patient, who is lying on their back, and placing their right hand on the patient’s abdomen. This part of the body is considered to be the centre of the organism, making it the perfect starting point for the massage ritual. At first, the movements are slow and gentle and follow the rhythm of the patient’s breathing. Then, they become more intense and energetic. Thai massage is performed with hands, elbows, knees, and sometimes even feet. There are two forms of Thai massage: Ratcha Samnak and Chalayasak.

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

Thai massage not only helps to restore the body’s energy and boost mental well-being, it has also a number of other benefits: it increases the elasticity of the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, relieves muscle and joint pain, promotes detoxification, and supports regeneration after sports activities. Furthermore, Thai massage helps with insomnia and emotional stress.

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